Beginning Tango Session 1

The Classic 5

These five old school Tango sequences have been universally taught in some form or another to beginners since the 1950’s. The sequences will be pre-recorded and shared with registered students in the days before the class. The actual class will focus on four aspects within the sequence: technique, embrace, musicality, and floor-craft.

Lesson 1 - La Salida Basica

The longest lived tango training pattern, La Salida Basica (The Basic Exit) ingeniously covers at least one example of each of the basic movements without pivots.


Lesson 2 - Los Ochos

Forward Ochos danced from the cross, this sequence introduces crucial communication skills, balance and axis, and poses a far greater challenge to the continuity of the embrace. 


Lesson 3 - La Parada

This third classic training pattern was traditionally either sped through in one phrase or used to introduce phrase-and-a-half timing. We have slowed it down to two phrases and added a beautiful abanico for more communication and torsion practice (and, because it’s beautiful).


Lesson 4- Los Ochos Atrás

This sequence marks the point when talented dancers who have had an easy time thus far really start to respect Tango. The essential skill of dancing a graceful back ocho is so unique to Tango that no one can really be well prepared for it without significant training. This is a crucial part of that training. 


Lesson 5- La Media Vuelta

La Media Vuelta (The Half Turn; really more like three quarters) has remained the perfect intro to Classic Turns with Sacadas. Our interpretation is used to introduce turn communication while reinforcing timing and a comfortable embrace.

Beginning Tango Session 2

The Classic 5 X

This series is a super fun reinterpretation of the “Classic 5”, with the timing of the salida altered, and sequences two through five condensed to a single phrase. Cross System is more heavily featured, and new techniques for musicality and dynamic reveal themselves.

Lesson 1 - La Salida Cruzada

The leader’s back and side steps on 8 and 1, with a leader’s weight change on 5. Then 7, 8, and 1 for the follower in the procession to the cross and a 3, 4, 5 resolution.


Lesson 2 El Ocho

Entrada on 8 and 1 with the procession to the cross in cross system, a single ocho danced from the cross and the resolution on 3, 4 and 5.


Lesson 3 - La Parada with “Little Foot”

Entrada on 8 and 1 with the follower’s extra step on 3 into cross system, or “little foot”, with a parada on 5. Sandwich on 7, leader’s side step on 8 and corte on 1. Resolution on 3, 4, and 5.


Lesson 4 - El Ocho Atrás

Entrada on 8 and 1 with an immediate leader’s weight change into cross system. Then a full 180˚ “forward/back cast” back ocho with a 7, 8, 1 procession and 3, 4, 5 resolution.


Lesson 5 - La Media Vuelta a la Izquierda

Entrada on 8 and 1 with a Classic Entrance to the Left, forward cross to forward cross sacada, open to open sacada, little foot, and 3, 4, 5 resolution.

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