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Virginia Vasconi

Coming toTaos
Monday August 21st

6:30 - 8:30 pm

8:30 - 10:00 pm
Practica Party

$40 Entrada Includes 2 hour Tango Workshop &
Practica Party at Casa Gallina

Workshop Topic: Unusual movements for dramatically changing direction in close embrace.

About Virginia

My name is Virginia Vasconi, I am a professional dancer who 15 years ago dedicated myself to Tango exclusively. For me, Tango is not only a dance, but it is also my passion, part of my way of life and my culture. I love Tango music, partner dance, technique, philosophy… that is tango, a projection of life itself put into a dance.
I approach dance and teaching in a comprehensive way, having gathered many concepts from other disciplines that I have studied throughout my life, such as classical dance, jazz dance, contemporary dance, yoga, stretching. I have mixed them to develop my own technique, vision and method of training the body. All of this in service to dancing in a natural, functional and organic way, and above all, a way healthy for the body.
Tango also gives me the opportunity to develop as a teacher, it allows me to investigate body biomechanics and movement in depth. I find it widely interesting to find exercises to develop muscle tone, flexibility, fluidity, twists and spirals, supports, projections, etc. In this way I can use the body as a tool for artistic expression. I can feel comfortable and confident when it comes to dancing with a partner in a hug and sharing the intimacy of the meeting feeling free at the same time.
My dance is unique and personal, my plasticity, my way of moving my legs, the elegance, the delicacy, the power, flow naturally. That is what dancing is about, finding each one with the truest and deepest part of their being to express themselves authentically.
I consider myself a versatile, ductile, adaptable, chameleonic dancer. This allows me to feel free when it comes to dancing with different dancers and styles. Adapting to different bodies is a very interesting challenge for me on a physical and musical level, on an emotional and sensitive level. It is a training that requires a lot of experience and a lot of practice, but from my point of view, that’s where the beauty and magic reside.
I offer this way of learning, understanding and dancing Tango. Tango changed my life, it transformed me. Welcome to my world, I invite you to transform!

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