Guest Tango Instructors

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Caroline Peattie & Christopher Nassopoulos are Argentine tango teachers known for conveying the fee and nuance of tango and helping workshop participants find grace and balance in their dance.  They bring keen insight and specific teaching tools to help students find their own authentic walking stride and cadencia, which are essential to social tango.



Guest Tango Instructor

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He was born in the heart of Buenos Aires and has been dancing tango since he was 19. He has been teaching tango for over 13 years in different studios such as Tango Brujo, Escuela de Carlos Copello, Mora Godoy studio, Tangocool and Soho Tango in Buenos Aires. He has also been traveling and teaching in Europe and Canada.

As a teacher he focuses on the social aspect of tango incorporating the elegant and traditional style. I have created a method of teaching using different exercises which allows the student to learn faster and dance more dynamic way. His class is progressive and builds new elements on top of what you already know so you can be creative and be free.
As a dancer he is known for his musicality, speed and precision.
He has partnered Guillermina Quiroga, Paula Rampini and Paula Rubin.



Guest Tango Instructor

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Marcelo “El Chino” Gutierrez is one of that unique and lucky generation of tango professionals/ dancers that “came of age” in an era where tango came to a crossroads and renewed itself in the 2000’s.

He benefited both from being able to study with such old school masters as the Dinzels, Nito and Elba, the Rivarolas, Teresa Fernández (Todaro system) and Victor Arne; and from being part of the tango revolution that started with Gustavo Naveira and came to be known as Tango Nuevo. 

What tango is today, in 2014, is a mix of these two: the old and the new; the old understood better thru the new; the new reaching back to the old for tradition; the old reaching forward to the new for inspiration; the old and the new intertwined and made stronger through these interactions and for mutual respect. The best tango professionals of today understand, dance and teach tango based on this dichotomy. 

El Chino started studying tango in 1998. He studied dance and choreography at IUNA (Instituto Universitario Nacional de Arte – Buenos Aires) where he received professional training in choreography, Russian and French classical dance, modern dance, jazz and yoga. 
For the past 10 years he has worked on developing and perfecting the teaching system he has become so well known and respected for; a system focusing on stability, groundedness, comfort, natural body movement, core leading, organic leading and following..etc. Just a few classes with him can drastically improve your dancing and change your entire outlook of tango. 

His famous exercises and specialized ideas: “Grounded,” “Standing leg,” “Push the Floor” and “The Horse Ride” exercise. Which has been copied by many others. He provides insightful tips, tools and techniques to help his students achive sel-confidence and self-consciousness to maximize their effort and dance effectiveness. 

El Chino is regularly sought out to teach workshops of his system to groups of professional tango dancers around the world; and is also well known for his ongoing Cobra (teaching women to lead in tango) classes in Buenos Aires.