From Buenos Aires

Gaby is a portena tango dancer and has also danced her whole life, starting with jazz and sports aerobics, then hip
hop, salsa, axe, theater dance, and lindy hop. At age 21 she discovered Tango, and her true passion and vocation. To
find her own style, she has studied with different Tango teachers, including Chicho Frumboli and Juana Sepulveda,
Alejandro Larenas and Marisol Morales, Bruno Tombari and Rocio Lequio, Pablo Rodriguez and Corina Herrera,
Moira Castellano, Dana Frigoli, and Corina de la Rosa. After working in the pharmaceutical industry for 8 years and getting a degree in Pharmacy from the Univ of Buenos Aires, Gaby abandoned that to focus solely on Tango. She gives regular lessons at different milongas in Bs As, and co-organized and taught at two of them (La Maria Milonga in 2013, and Milonga Sismica since 2018). During this time she worked with other partners while teaching and performing regularly in Bs As. She and partner Guillermo Cerneaz went on several tours in the USA and Latin
America. Both with Guillermo and on her own, in the last few years Gaby has taught workshops and seminars, and
performed in many Tango Festivals and cities. She emphasizes the social side of Tango, its improvisation and connect with partner. She combines her milonguera embrace with strength and technique, and she continues to study and deepen her knowledge with the best professional dancers and teachers.



From Buenos Aires

Ines has danced Argentine Tango her whole life, and has studied in Buenos Aires with Jorge and Liliana Rodriguez,
and Carlos and Rosa Perez. These four tango legends taught Ines the essence of Tango Salon. With Dante Sanchez,
Ines won 2nd place in the 2007 Metropolitan Tango Championship, and they won the title of World Champions at the 2007 World Tango Salon Championship. Since then, Tango has been Ines’ profession. She lives and teaches in Buenos Aires, and she’s also been traveling around the world, teaching and performing in the USA and Europe. And she still continues to learn, with the best professional dancers.



From Buenos Aires

Ines & Gaby – Since 2018 Ines & Gaby have worked together, teaching in different milongas in Bs As. They focus on the interpreter’s role as performers, and they explore the role of the proposition and its use in teaching, dancing,
thinking, and living Tango. They connected deeply and found a strong coincidence in their approach to Tango
teaching, prioritizing the investigational process to help students find their own ways to dance and express
themselves. For the last couple of years, they’ve together organized Milonga Sismica, a project created to generate a
space with a rich artistic offer every week, with a welcoming atmosphere, where all feel at ease. There they teach
together, and also teach with guest teachers in special lessons. They also coordinate the artistic agenda of the
milonga, including live music and performances every night. They also work together at the TTD (Trabajadores del
Tango Danza Association), and they were both part of the team that started the MFT (Movimiento Feminista de Tango).