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8th Style Tango

Class Details


LIVE Tango Workout

Monday - Thursday 12pm & 5:30pm MT

Join us for our weekly Solo Tango Drills where we cycle though a culmination of Jaimes & Christa's Tango drills that they have created together. These drills are solo and have individual topics for each drill session of the week. We focus on extensions & footwork, ochos, embellishments, boleos, giros, and more!


Tango Musicality

Thursday May 27th, 6:15pm MT

What a drag! Explore this iconic musical element, and get some inspiration and ideas of how and when to utilize it.


Tango Techique

Thursday May 13th , 6:15pm MT

Jaimes has some new drills that he is adding to our weekly drill sets! He will give a review & explanation of these new drills and timings, and answer any burning questions you have about any of the new or old drills!


Tango DJ Seminar

Thursday June 10th, 6:15pm MT

Topic: TBA


Tango Blog

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