LIVE Tango Workout

Monday - Thursday 12pm & 5:30pm MT

Join us for our weekly Solo Tango Drills where we cycle though a culmination of Jaimes & Christa's Tango drills that they have created together. These drills are solo and have individual topics for each drill session of the week. We focus on extensions & footwork, ochos, embellishments, boleos, giros, and more!

Tango Techique

Thursday February 18th , 6:15pm MT

An in-depth review the "Intermediate Flow" drills set that we normally do Tuesdays in the evening.

Tango Musicality

Thursday March 4th, 6:15pm MT

Gain knowledge & practice in the fundamental tango musical elements of double times.

Tango DJ Seminar

Thursday March 18th, 6:15pm MT

Jaimes Shares his expert knowledge & experience with us! More TBA

LIVE Tango 5 Week Series

For Absolute Beginning, Intermediate & Advanced Tango Dancers!


The Classic 5 X

Beginning Tango Course -

Saturdays February 13th - March 13th 11am-12pm MT

This series is a super fun reinterpretation of the “Classic 5”, with the timing of the salida altered, and sequences two through five condensed to a single phrase. Cross System is more heavily featured, and new techniques for musicality and dynamic reveal themselves.


10/24-La Salida Cruzada

The leader’s back and side steps on 8 and 1, with a leader’s weight change on 5. Then 7, 8, and 1 for the follower in the procession to the cross and a 3, 4, 5 resolution.


10/31-El Ocho

Entrada on 8 and 1 with the procession to the cross in cross system, a single ocho danced from the cross and the resolution on 3, 4 and 5.


11/7-La Parada with “Little Foot”

Entrada on 8 and 1 with the follower’s extra step on 3 into cross system, or “little foot”, with a parada on 5. Sandwich on 7, leader’s side step on 8 and corte on 1. Resolution on 3, 4, and 5.


11/14-El Ocho Atrás

Entrada on 8 and 1 with an immediate leader’s weight change into cross system. Then a full 180˚ “forward/back cast” back ocho with a 7, 8, 1 procession and 3, 4, 5 resolution.


11/21-La Media Vuelta a la Izquierda

Entrada on 8 and 1 with a Classic Entrance to the Left, forward cross to forward cross sacada, open to open sacada, little foot, and 3, 4, 5 resolution.

Sacadas Part 2

Intermediate Tango Course -

Saturdays February 13th - March 13th 12pm-1pm MT

Two phrase combinations of the most important Sacada possibilities. 


1. Forward and Open Progressive Leader Sacadas 

Exploring combinations of the basic leader sacadas while the follower dances overturned forward ochos.


2. Follower’s Forward and Open Sacadas

Finding effortless positions from which to dance followers’ sacadas actually takes a lot of effort, but less so if the effort is well directed. This two phrase sequence gives a couple of perfect examples of the most convenient positions for followers’ sacadas.


3. Leaders’s Back Sacada

The back sacada is all about set-up, timing, and awareness, and has very little to do with flexibility. This pattern shows how to set up sequential back sacadas for the leader in a classic left turn.


4. Follower’s Back Sacada

For the follower: powerful torsion, precision footwork, and a lot of courage are all requirements for back sacadas. Leaders have to master thoughtful and timely preparation and a clear communication of impulse. A great challenge for both parts.


5. Sacada Exchanges

Great for both rhythmic breakdown sections and the “Variacion”, sacada exchanges are exciting and challenging. This is a good sequence to practice for an idea of possible combinations, but the possibilities are endless. Like, literally. In a human lifetime, anyway.

Boleos Part 2

Advanced Tango Course -

Saturdays February 13th - March 13th 11am-12pm MT

Two phrase sequences building on the Contra Boleo work from Boleos 1. These sequences introduce Con Boleos and advanced combinations and positions.


Instructional videos complex tango steps with both roles  demonstrated by Jaimes & Christa solo & partnered. Milonga, Tango Vals, sacadas, boleo's & more.

Tango Instructional Youtube Videos for Beginners & All Levels

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